23 Ağustos 2017 Çarşamba

Inveterate Bingo'ers Defy All Impedements

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 23 August 2017)

Mersin'de tombalacı sendikaya 23 günde 8’inci baskın
Gendarmerie says "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

After HaberTürk exposed the 'tombala' (bingo-like gambling)
swindle taking place in Adana and Mersin, the Gendarmerie
raided the premises 8 times in 23 days (!).  The 'tombalacılar'
(practitioners) rented an unused factory building in the Yenice
neighborhood of Tarsus district in Mersin province and put a
sign out front declaring it to be the "Transport and Workers

The first Gendarmerie raid took place on 25 July and the first
floor of the factory was sealed.  However, the 'tombalacılar'
set up a new gaming area on the second floor.  After HaberTürk
wrote about a '80,000 TL one-night swindle', the Gendarmerie
raided the factory a second time, followed by raids on 7 other
sites in the subsequent days.

Image result for bingo
Gendarmerie sketch of one excited suspect.

All the sites were sealed by the governor's office and the
municipality but the 'tombalacılar' were undeterred.  The 8th
raid against the 'Union' occurred the day before yesterday, with
77 people being assessed fines totalling 17,479 TL.  The
Gendarmie seized 1 blowing machine and plastic hose, a sound
amplifier, a 'take-a-number' machine, 150 gaming cards and
4,879 game pieces.

The entire factory building has now been sealed.  After 'Union
Chief' N.B. was apprehended during the first raid, the 'Union
Secretary' A.A. and two other people took over the enterprise.
In the course of the 8 raids 860 people were fined 187,000 TL.
Another 70 individuals were charged with establishing a
gambling site.  The 'tombalacılar' paid all the fines of the 860
people charged.

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22 Ağustos 2017 Salı

Siri Decapitates Talking Heads

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 August 2017)

Habertürk canlı yayınında ilginç olay! ‘Siri’ konuştu, konuklar şaştı kaldı
                               Easily replaced.

During a live TV program on the HaberTürk channel one of the
guests left his or her İPhone app 'Siri' open and Siri gave answers
to the speakers.  As the participants tried to figure out where the
'voice' was coming from, the show's presenter admonished them
for the slip-up.

The presenter, Didem Arslan Yılmaz, seemed to be the first to
understand what had happened and said to her guests: "there's
a voice coming in. Someone's phone is open. Let's be more
careful."  Nevertheless, Siri said something in response to the
speakers' words but the only part of Siri's sentence that could
be understood was "I didn't understand" (much like the regular
audience, no doubt.)

Image result for siri
HaberTürk's solution to its ratings problem...

20 Ağustos 2017 Pazar

125 Whisky Bottles for 'Personal Use'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 20 August 2017)

Image result for ercan d fahrettin ö kalamış
   Ercan D. has added his own 13th AA step.

Istanbul police got a tip that an illegal whiskey gang was selling
contraband liquor to luxury fish restaurants at the  Kalamış
marina in Kadıköy. After getting eight tips in a week police
staked out streets around the marina and the evening before last
they began following a Jeep with license plate 06 AK 6670.

The Jeep led police to a side street where a school bus was
waiting.  Here 12 cases of liquor were transferred from the Jeep
to the school bus bearing plate number 34 UP 7216.  After the
bus departed police stopped the Jeep and took driver Fahrettin
Ö. into custody.

The school bus carrying the liquor went to a restaurant where
police arrested driver Ercan D. and seized the 12 cases
containing 125 bottles of illegal whiskey.  In his statement to
police Ercan D. claimed that the alcohol was for his personal
use (!).  Fahrettin Ö., however, confessed and provided valuable
information about the gang.

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19 Ağustos 2017 Cumartesi

Yet Another 'Lotto Winner' Loses, Big Time

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 August 2017)

Loto milyoneri 40 yaşında sirozdan öldü
Winning the lotto generally results in retirement - from life.

Fuat Özdemir, who worked as a laborer at a firm selling agricultural
products in Süloğlu, Edirne, won 11,345,642 TL (about $3.5 million
at today's exchange rate) in the Super Lotto drawing in 2014.  Upon
winning the lotto, Özdemir left Süloğlu and sought advice about his
windfall from his boss B.A.  However, things went awry and Özdemir
filed a complaint with the Edirne public prosecutor, alleging that B.A.
had siphoned off 5.3 million TL for himself (!).

Image result for süper loto
                  The ball tolls for thee.

Özdemir was living in a ramshackle house but bought himself a new
home and a car. He also helped out his friends and relations. Özdemir
bought an office on the 4th floor of  5-story business center on
Tarlakapı Avenue in the Abdurrahman neighborhood but the building
was attacked a number of times so Özdemir payed protection money
to the sons of gang leader Nuri Ergin of the Kargümrük gang (!).

Over the course of 3 years Özdemir went broke and developed
cirrhosis.  He died the night before last at Trakya University Medical
Faculty and will be buried in Süloğlu tomorrow.

Image result for edirne haritası
Süloğlu district is in the north of Edirne province.

18 Ağustos 2017 Cuma

Tree-Mugger Saws, Tree-Huggers Save

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 August 2017)

Image result for testereyle oyulan 400 yıllık çınarı doku tedavisi kurtardı
        Tree-huggers to the rescue!

In Silivri, Istanbul, someone carved out the inside of a 400 year-
old plane tree with a power saw (!).  The tree is 45 meters in
height and 4.7 meters in width.  Initial results of 'tissue treatment'
to save the tree have been positive.

Image result for saw killers
       Suspected tree-mugger still on the loose...

The rescuers first cleansed the inside of the tree with fungus
medicine to make it sterile.  Next, a paste was applied to prevent
contact with the air and after that a thin chrome wire was
installed over which artificial tissue was spread.  Zerrin Budak
(in Turkish 'budak' means 'tree branch' (!)), the director of Silivri's
municipal parks and gardens stated that the tree is now out of
danger and should live many centuries more.

Image result for silivri haritası
                Silivri district of Istanbul

16 Ağustos 2017 Çarşamba

A Not-So-Charmed Life Ends

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 August 2017)

İstanbul Sarıyer Serdal Aslan muska
When you believe in things you don't understand...

In Sarıyer, Istanbul, an argument over a 'muska' (charm) ended
in murder.  Serdal Aslan (39) had been having trouble with his
business affairs and began drinking heavily, as well.  To remedy
the situation, his girlfriend Güler İ. recommended that Aslan
have Neslihan K. write a 'muska' for him.

Aslan waited three months for the 'muska' to take effect but
when he saw no improvement in his business and alcohol
problems he began to think that the 'muska' wasn't working (!).
Aslan had originally agreed to pay Neslihan 1,300 TL (about
$350) and gave her 500 TL in cash up front. Now, Aslan wanted
the 500 TL back but Neslihan refused.

The day before yesterday Aslan met with Neslihan's husband
Necmi K. and son Mustafa K. in the Ayazağa Huzur neighborhood
of Sarıyer in an effort to work out the problem. Predictably, an
argument erupted and Aslan pulled out his pump-action rifle, while
Necmi K. did the same.  In the firefight, Aslan's rifle jammed
and he was killed by Necmi K.  Passer-by Okan Depe was wounded.

Necmi K. and Mustafa K. fled but were soon taken into custody
by Sarıyer police.

 Image result for sarıyer haritası
                 Sarıyer district of Istanbul

15 Ağustos 2017 Salı

Saudi Prince's Bodrum Vacation: Let Them Eat Simit

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 August 2017)

Image result for suudi prens 300 bavul bodrum
Low-profile bike ride with 20 bodyguards.

Saudi Prince El-Velid bin Telal bin Abdülaziz el Suud and his
family have come to Bodrum for a vacation with a 150-person
entourage and 300 suitcases.  The prince arrived on board his
private jumbo-jet and is staying in a 40K euro-per-night villa in
the Türkbükü section of Bodrum.

Image result for suudi prens 300 bavul bodrum
               He's not one to 'travel light'.

Prince El-Velid stopped by the Palmarina shopping center- yacht
club last night in Yalakavak.  The prince and his family will be
staying in Bodrum for six days.  His 5-story ultra-luxurious yacht,
the Kingdom KR5, is anchored off Türkbükü awaiting his orders.

Image result for suudi prens 300 bavul bodrum
        Still wrestling with a bit of jet lag...